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  • Drown

    At midnight, I found myself ensnared, a captive in a glass domain,
    My limbs bound tight with ropes, a chilling, eerie, haunting chain.
    Within this fragile prison, my heart began to race,
    As water swelled around me, an impending drowning chase. 

    Helplessness and fear, my constant, haunting guide,
    As the glass box filled relentlessly, a rising, murky tide.
    The water climbed, relentless, to the very top at last,
    And in that suffocating moment, all seemed to be surpassed.

    I gasped for breath, but air was a memory so remote,
    In the watery abyss, I sought for a lifeline, a hopeful note.
    Yet, dreams are cruel architects, weaving tales surreal,
    For as the water claimed my essence, it was not the final seal.

    I woke, but not to freedom, another cycle soon began,
    Drowned once more in agony, in a watery, endless span.
    Ages passed in moments, a never-ending plight,
    Caught in this eternal struggle, between day and night.

    Dreams, a realm of mysteries, where reality takes its leave,
    And I, a captive of my own mind, in restless nights, I grieve.
    Trapped in that glass box, in waters deep and cold,
    In this nightmare, my story forever told.

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