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  • Encounter

    In a universe where slumber's veil did gently sway,
    She stumbled upon a bronze figure, guided by reverie's way.
    Together they nestled in a bed of moon's soft grace,
    And as the night wore on, their spirits did embrace.

    With the break of dawn, he stirred from his repose,
    Moved toward the window, where the morning light rose.
    There, he stood, a silhouette in the sun's gentle glare,
    His skin aglow, a shimmering, radiant affair.

    Yet his face remained elusive, obscured by the haze,
    A handsome beauty, caught in a mystic daze.
    She inquired, "Who are you?" with a curious plea,
    He smirked, whispered, "Time will set you free."

    A promise hung in the air, like a whispered refrain,
    As he turned away, left her in wonder and pain.
    "We shall cross paths once more," he did proclaim,
    Leaving her with longing, longing for his name.

    For in the space where visions hold their sway,
    Time knows no bounds, night turns into day.
    So, she awoke, with his memory in her sight,
    Patiently awaiting the return of that bronzed light.


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