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  • Song of Sorrow

    Beneath the moon's soft and eerie gleam,
    I confide secrets, kept in a hidden scheme.
    This inner ailment, my weight to endure,
    Concealed from loved ones, in misery, I'm sure.

    Conversations strained, words I can't convey, 
    The pressure building with each passing day.
    Suffocating thoughts, they never cease, 
    A cage of despair, my heart's release. 

    Exhaustion consumes, a relentless tug, 
    I yearn to escape, break free from this lug.
    Their sadness may linger, but it's my plea,
    To find solace in darkness, to finally be free. 

    Though tears may flow, when I finally depart, 
    This choice offers respite, a brand-new start.
    For if I linger, the sadness will cling, 
    A lifetime of mourning, a bird with a broken wing. 

    For in this darkness, I see the light, 
    An escape from endless, sorrowful night.
    In this choice, I find release, 
    An end to sorrow, a darkened peace.

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