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    Control and deceit

    Anarchy being the force of no one being relieved

    Wealth with a lavished house

    Money and a living mouse

    The house is really a large Mansion

    It is nestled way in the countryside

    This is where the Persian’s reside

    A man named Sterling Persian being an Oil Tycoon

    It was always his routine, breakfast at 8 and lunch at Noon

    Mr. Sterling Persian grosses 46 million yearly, but murder is on the mind of one family member

    You see, the Son, Arthur Persian wants to heir and take away the fortune for himself, but Daddy Persian put another name on his estate, and it’s not a family member

    It’s his Mistress

    So murder is in the air

    The thought of murder making the fortune fair

    So as Sterling Persian slumbers, a murder is already in the works

    Sleep unto Death

    As everyone is fast asleep, but not Arthur Persian, he has a plan that will be deep

    The Son lurks into Daddy Persian’s room, and silently and precisely fires ring out from a single bullet

    It kills Daddy Persian instantly

    By morning, everyone wonders where is Sterling Persian?

    One the Female Housekeeper’s enters Mr. Sterling Persian’s room, and he is found dead

    Screams upon screams

    The commotion draws attention to the family

    The Police are later summoned

    When they arrive, they immediately look for clues

    This is definitely something to pursue

    The Police search throughout Sterling Persian’s room

    They notice footprints that lead to the Son’s room, Arthur Persian’s room, but hiding in his closet, he suddenly abruptly comes out

    The Son fires shots after shots, but his subdued by the mighty bullets of the Police

    He wounded, and confesses Fortune made him do it

    So Arthur Persian was arrested

    Crime scene solved

    It was the Son involved

    Justice served with resolved


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