is looking for poems with strong imagery, emotion, and with interesting use of language. We nominate for most major prizes, anthologies and awards.

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  • About Us

    We are here to provide a stage to everyone who has courage to write poetry . Our poetry contests will regularly motivate you to follow your passion for poetry. All who passionate about poetry will get help from us to take their passion to it's zenith.

    We started this site in 2020 after much analysis of its need. We are pleasured to see you here deep

    thanks from
    Nitin Mukesh


    We reserve the right to flag or remove any content that violates the guidelines If anyone repeatedly violates the Guidelines then his or her account will be permanentely deleted .
    off cource we prefer not to delete any account So please follow the Guidelines.


    1. Is this site assured site

    Yes , this site is completely trustable site

    2. Can 2 and more accounts on this site activate by one email address

    Yes , but only one account can active on one time. When your former account disables you can make another by same email

    3 . Is this site only organise poetry contests

    Yes , now it's only organises poetry contests but in future It will organise all types of writing competitions

    4. Is money transaction safe at this site

    Yes , money transaction for entry fee is totally safe and secure on this site

    5.Is any fix form of poetry like sonnets and haikus has more chances to win the contest

    No This is friest FAQs

    6. Who has some more chances to win the contest

    Anyone who writes poetry by unique creations not any fixed form has more chances