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    I have gone through life at full unchanged speed! The treasures of smells, wonders and emotions evaporated behind me - I did nothing as I should have done through the eyes of others: I was influenced by the tiny molecules of unknown existence. The hands of women watched over my babbling, fluttering change of age, as they later smoothed my school-lesson path - I could retire to their safety for good: my spirit could finally wake up and wonder at the ant-hill view of the world, 

    but there was still, by decree, the molasses rags! I hid in the shadows, unseen, unmoving. With my inner eye I measured the mischievous exchanges of immortal kisses: all were downcast, disheartened little sequences-challenges, real emergencies generated challenges, like nuclear cores splitting. 

    I am ashamed of my many blunders, my plethora of mistakes - so true! I've seen the harsh brutalities of real life in the sirens of crime thrillers. Even when I was a school-district runner on duty in gym class, my face scarred by tears of slaps on both sides, with only my mother watching to comfort and protect me! But now that I'm practically knocking on my own empty paper mountains, a galaxy of feather-insert mountains, - I could come to my senses and live

    the full need of Being: missed births, birthday parties, bicycle lessons, - to rejoice and live that I could be a creative part of Someone, even if only for a little while! - But life is not a meringue pie, if the overhead is not paid, the lines groped in the lamp-light are like squashed bugs! 

    Someone may yet come, the secretly capitalist, Who, with little money and scarce opportunity, Will confront me with the bliss of immortal emotion!