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    Silence has handcuffed thy lips with forbidden words, Thou hast not spoken, nor I called thee: I have tried to bear the knowledge with lousy vulgarity: Thou hast given thy lily-fibre blades, thy gifts of kisses to others! We could not deny it! It would have been a supreme lie, a mutual deception! In the Eden gardens of our hearts, more and more territory was reclaimed like weed-weeds by the ruthless Nothing! 
    The immortal and eternal one-perches of earth's universe have become the homes of banyan bumps and weeds! Like a month-old untended kitchen garden! - Would you have said with confident lark's tinkle, if there had been enough blood for two

    In thine arms I might have found eternal bliss, Had I time left for thy armoured will, With unbreakable fortitude I would have borne In my arms the statue-porcelains of thy frail body. My good companion would have received me with a stinging trust. 

    I would have paid my tribute of love at the altar of thy windows, But dying opportunity, in the rashness of will-choice, Suddenly robbed me, for determination, according to thee, I had yet to learn! I had to let go of the all-powerful brown planets and tiny comets of the eye of God

    silent, resigned, as if a merciless and swift-death scalpel had been thrust into my pounding breast, where once romantic emotion had throbbed together to the cherished beat of thy heart, where thy flirtatious smile had been: the voluntary surrender of disarmament! If you had known not only others, but me: A moment of immortality has settled in my limbs, In the secret tunnel-house of our organs.

    And from the twilight-ladies of thy lips I would have succumbed and tenderly beekeep'd thy kiss-maiden honey!

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