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    It would be nice to settle down slowly: in some secret present, in an intimate handshake, in the protection of unconscious Morse codes, in the crossfire of disarming glances! Some secret atmosphere - a place where we can be at home, and where we don't meet as enemies, but as friends! And where the insecurities of existence can be easily shed! 

    In a crowded press, we do not push each other hesitantly and intrusively, but in our answers, in our common spiritual secrets. The two ancient secrets of our trust: the repeated blunders of our actions are zealously guarded by the speeding Time, and every minute and look, the eloquent gestures of our actions dance, softly chanting promises: "I will be with you!" - And all are suspicious who with steadfast stubbornness cherish The Past: as the heritage of a sinner, and cannot flee, for there is nowhere to run! And how many times shall I tell you to be a man on the dyke - strip off your self-pity

    and throw it into the dustbin! Show thy due indifference to the prodigal world, if thou wilt! - Stumbling and crawling, we all falter, Like unsteady ships, and wait for heavy commands: But our puppeteer's cry, in our weak moment.

     we cling to it! In peace-bearing faces to fill, To dissolve all in all: From truth-containers no fear to fear! Busy days embrace our fate, trap us like Indra-traps: answers should be found to reconcile us...