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    I'm a chess piece in the wrong place for a deceitful and mischievous game of secret coincidences! Today I started morphing about you again – whether you actually repented of your sins when you left me with a wooden picture and didn't care about my true-glory sincerity - you left without breaking your guilt! 

    My fat-eyed eyeballs, which are carefully watching, still evoke among their precious definite experiences all the elf-floating of your swan-white celebratory dress and the noble-minded bravery of your angel face, who is quite expressive and all-forgiving, today you thought you were lost again, but you are always my returning darling as blessed care. Yet in that fatal Valentine's Day heart message, you managed to smash my medical malpractice heart into thousands of billions of pieces, and you sold yourself very soon

    the moral personality of faith to be unshakable: Which has always been thirsty for honesty, and you have shown me the most feared and eternal secrets of your fallen soul petal, that perhaps only mischievous, your flirtatious weakness that wants to flirt has called you to play with the flame flares of True Love, and what I thought was my earthly heaven in my next adult life: You will be my wife and my family in an omnipotent earthly embodiment

    in this man-trying world, it soon became a camphor source, like all my other unfulfilled dreams! – Oh! – Maybe I could have experienced it more clearly, that only the truth of your rich chocolate eyes, incapable of lying word multiplication, may have been mine, for your purple cherry lips, soon in their volcanic eruption, longed to embrace and comfort the arms and mouth tunnels of another knight! 
    And instead of stopping, your moral spirit commanded Cupid's wounded heart requirements – you neither word nor speech, and without the sincere remorse of your apology, a little trusting in yourself, you gave the treasures of your body along with the sighs of your fragile goodness to a wild stranger! 

    I have mourned forever in my soul with the showers of my grieving resignation, the flood of immeasurable spiritual wounds, and even now I have not been able to hate you for good after five years! Now I can say half-naked and borrowing your courage: I am not angry with you, and as your friend – if you would bring your future and your wish - I stand by you far! Because before me you are a Virgin wearing the armor of unconditional honesty!

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