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    Author: Periezade Pabona


    Seeing the Brighter Side

    I've never felt like this before
    Such passion, love, and everything
    Until you came and give so much care
    When no one else is there.


    How fast things past by
    You and I still holding side by side
    Now that everyone despise us
    What we have is each others back.


    Don't lose hope my love
    We can elude one day to those against us
    Face to face we will concour all the trials
    And waiting for the day that is given for us.


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    My Sunshine

    Morning has no meaning without you

    You, who always complete my day

    A day full of love and happiness

    Happiness that no other can share.


    God always blessed me daily

    With a person who is so dearly

    Can't see any lovely

    As you are to me deeply


    Dear, you are a sunshine

    Your smile hard to decline

    A beautiful ache on my spine

    Grieving to entwined.


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    Feeling extra ordinary
    Yet in the eyes of many
    A strong personality
    Composed of cruelty. 


    Play along with passion
    The world is your mansion
    Live with what you've got
    And don't you dare to stop


    Make some difference
    Let people know you're indeference
    That you yourself is unique
    Just the opposite. 


    Don't look back in the past
    But focus and make new track
    I'm always at your back
    Just don't hold back.


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    Don't afraid to show

    Let your emotion flow

    And people will throw 

    A love that will grow


    You may seem weak

    And others may see you like stick

    Let it leak

    Coz bamboo is not weak


    Strong is easily shown off

    But deep inside you are vulnerable just lights off

    As dimmed as night falls off

    How cruel life to speak off



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    Hard to tell what you really feel
    Somethings bothering you for real
    Things I hate to deal
    Coz you yourself needs heal.


    Conversation is what matters
    For us to understand each other
    Go on with all the chatters
    That we may move on with this chapter.


    I hate to think you don't trust
    All the things that is a must
    When sharing is just
    Make some option for once. 


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    Missing you

    I miss your eyes staring at mine

    I miss your lips kissing on me

    I miss your hugs that gives me warm

    I miss your kiss to keep me calm.


    I miss those days we are still happy

    I miss how our hands hold tight

    I miss the way you smile at me

    Memory that brings joy to me.


    I miss how are we used to be

    Only memories left for me

    No more you and me

    Back to only me. 


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    Lets go back

    Bring me back how we started

    Coz I'm getting distorted

    With all this feelings being complicated

    Don't know how to end it.


    I cherished every memory

    I reminisce those hours that we are still happy

    Looking back how things go wrong

    All I know is you, where I belong.


    I wish I have this ability

    To relive our distant reality

    And maybe then

    You could be mine again.



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    I'm in the verge of breaking

    My heart is aching

    Someone special has been stolen

    Don't know when will I see her again..


    Now my nights are filled with sadness

    Without your love and sweetness

    I can feel all kind of loneliness

    So how can I stop this madness?


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    You are my strength 

    Mostly when life out breaks 

    Never fail to show some respect

    Even I'm guilty and freak


    You still remain by my side

    After seeing me struggle and strive 

    Giving me some piece of advice 

    To conquer this filthy life


    I am yours to command

    And willing to give you a hand

    Just make a demand

    For you I will stand



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    Best Friend

    Happy to found someone like you

    A person who cares so much like I do


    Thank you is all I can say

    To such a dear friend like you now a day


    You show me love and compassion

    Never gets tired of all my action


    Am I living in gratitude? 

    Coz when I'm with you I feel solitude


    Your friendship means a lot to me

    And it grows like a tree

    Branches are full of memory

    Of happiness and solidity. 


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    Dear Friend

    You are such a beautiful person
    A God's perfect creation
    With strong compassion
    Longing for collaboration.

    You've been my rock
    Ever since I fall to trap
    Life almost became crap
    Yet you lifted me with all your strap.

    You showed me strength
    Every time I'm drained
    No more to gain
    Then you appear once again.

    How will I ever repay you
    With all the things that you do
    All I can offer you
    Is my shoulder and ear if you want them too. 


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