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  • You frailty

         In the complex fullness of moments, even a hesitant step can tread on a butterfly carelessly! With a swirling, frightened rainbow wing marching richly into proud freedom! Hesitantly tumbling, the lonely silence can also hurt: the eye perseveres searching for punctuation engraved in a wall, while the claw rays of the accompanying moonlight appear on a ominous veil of nights! We also deliberately closed the proud sighs of our eloquent words to our hearings!
         In no man's land a wreath of thorns has been woven out of sorrow! Wounded resentment is more easily absorbed into the depths of the Spirit; the burden of accents can permeate every well-groomed, spicy sentence because it is throbbing and present, like a sick plague! As a child orphaned by ugly deeds: I am embarrassed with terrified eyes at the same time, and I do not know if you will be complimented by a merciful, angelic goodness in the manner of Don Quoijotek. "I can only let silent anyone I sincerely want!" My melancholy pleasure, immersed in lethargy, would still be good to share with the babysitter; in the captivating Universe, we could all be together even in the moods we can experience, and it would be unnecessary to further complicate the rules of our secret childish rhymes in a hundred ways!
         The smallness of our details is often heard through the purities of decipherable communications; the latent curses of envy-jealousy are already crystallizing in the marshland of hateful temper! There is no longer much meaning in the word consolation, where human intention alone can make up tempers! - Disembodied anxious, great dreads in the depths of eternal-childish souls: the smell of rotting rot flows in prodigal hearts! Even in my few minutes of imagination, it was enough to marry misleading lies! It is better to get out at the very beginning from the protection of conceivable emotions, and let the snowman alone melt into the beautified memory of summer