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  • Silent confessions from the present

         Faced with tense contradictions every day, we are waiting hesitantly! Our self-interested world, degraded to bipolar, has already dissolved itself and our differences are equally shameful and ridiculous! Behind the semblances of luxury, yawning colonies of misery would shout for their right-tipped, useless voices, and yet all petty merits will become hungry; an insignificant sand-eye can quickly get stuck in a chain of Congo chains of great connections!
         Excretion in saliva, as well as in love, started soon! Absurd evidence is hibernated or put in self-destruct boxes because Pavlov’s theory is also grotesque, reluctantly absurd! Stumbling in the light-shadows of the present, the out-wasting and the border of need is still moving more and more alarmed! - Many crowds of people on the periphery are deliberately basing themselves on well-sounding reputations in the deliberately idiotic idiocy of pop culture, brainwashed Reality shows!
         Even our stunned resignation from troubled Freudi nightmares can help us less and less; grinning, vile Jackals and Minutes-blue people stare into the calvaries of our everyday lives! In our double consciousness, our onion peel personality preserves our selfish-pathetic secrets! It is as if we are inheriting through the secret channels of biologies the power of our uninteresting, selfish, selfish worlds! - As a figure, you are both tense and anxious at the same time on a secret formula, and forgetting your stepfather, inhuman Time, you wear out nicely, slowly