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  • Memorial back and look

         It would be good to return as the stray, loving silences of a wandering wanderer who wants to go home! When outstretched swan hands caress the caress in the imaginary fog of rocking dreams, the sleeper as a dreamer, and his eternally heritable symbiosis below and above may come together! The body-warm protective shelter can no longer be worth anything if there could be no pounding-throbbing sound-sigh left for the emotional heart! In Alantos Being, we have been disappointed many times when, in the flames of the enchanted moment, we explored the soul of Adam-Eve as a treasure trove of dividing cell molecules, and by secretly driving her entire blood tunnel out of awe, out of curiosity!
         In the dawn light of rising suns, the shadows of daytime objects also grow up! Falling, intoxicated, consciously wild self-expression heard his anthem in our faithful, unruly hearts; from the fringes of instincts a wild vortex burst upon us, like an unquenchable hunger; the miracle of the Universe found in us may have demanded more and more of both of us and suddenly we became children again; curious little foolish toys of Time who were driven by desire and who could not understand many things! In the animalized torments of pleasures, the intoxicating demand for Freedom squeezed again; how much more mature richness this earthly happiness could have been than the scream-sharp torment!
         We hid in a gnashing of teeth like they were ready for everything, and they regretted a lot of things! - All human feelings are daring to love and give! - The prison cage of the narrowing Time is already chewing, and the candlelit holy dinners of the past have moved away from us! With leaking romances, we can still preserve our memories for a short time!