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  • Wax faces

         Man always throws away his lost self! And as snakeskin, it immediately clings to new ideas, more bribing opportunities! What could be on the other side of compromising, hypocritical puffy faces? Everyone who called himself the Emperor of Life in the crosshairs of another court Celebrity-fool cameras! Another witty smiling wedge of idiots! What is in place of noble principles, redemptive ideas? On the battlefield of destinies, like the bowling puppets grinning, there are lines of teasing failures!
         Could there still be boastful Hope on the chilled Bone Mountain of the Dead?! Every vulgar sermon is just another trap of dogma, a sacramental deception! Only by the law of the heart can we be truly Good and Humane! Shards should be found in never-up-not-mapped restless souls, if they could! Those who look through the surface of things can never watch vigilantly the rose chalices drumming deep in their hearts!
         Money and fame have become creatures above beings! Who would be ready to break out of their earthly rest and want to find the redeeming harmonies of the Universe? It will be easier to discover a precious Star in the dust of everything! He sets out with the solitude of the brave on the helping wing of Angels; He looks at the alley of worlds and caresses: could Humanity have remained on earth? "Dancing to suicide cowards on top of glass tiles that are shattering like shards!" Trademarked, alamus jaws among V.I.P.-party faces would look for themselves, search but are afraid to look inside themselves to find the answers!
         Every TV channel produces idiot cans up to its pre-fabricated core and the vulnerable man can hardly believe the wax faces grinning under the Witch of Honesty.

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