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    Human stars, talking eyes, human mouths, in heaven's smiles some secret magic lurks, there is and there is! And watches with silence, discovers and soars. No illusion, secret romance, disembodied gallantry, yet there is and there is! And in vain is the endocrine, the biological cell-assembling endocrine that transforms the absolute universe, infinite love subtly penetrates every being in everyone because it lurks and hides in the depths of our hearts! 

    It revolutionizes the molecular map of our body, like dreams flirting with desires, the thought and builds out of itself and self-acting the hidden tikos whole and exists and is! Like a diamond in glittering eyes, it shines in telepathic gazes and exists and is! My timid hand is guided by the swan's hand of my beloved with a firm compassion, and in the essence of what it proclaims lurks the hidden yes love of the idea: 

    In human stars, talking eyes, laughing mouths, in heavenly smiles, some superstitious ineffable, strange and secret magic lurks, lurks in unconscious present, exists and is! The rich face-speech of glances: secret sign language, code to the interpretation of the world by the heart-cups! A single piece of existence: a burden of inestimability, and yet so painfully small! When all human stars spoke, and said in earthly tongues, "I loved thee through life, thou charming lunky; In boyishness eternal loser-goof!

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