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  • Postmodern zoo

    The man of the present postmodern Age is inoculated with greedy rawness, with deliberate business-like leeching and palaver at the same time, like a constantly parasitic leech parasite, inedible in itself. The human enigma, which has deceived and defrauded itself a million times, shows its ever more advantageous physiognomy as a vile Janus face.

    The teardrop, playing hide-and-seek from time to time, is like a cracked eggshell, a precise and accurate depiction of eviscerating conditions, so that the more profits reaped in surplus by the methods of predatory economies must be pocketed and put aside by those whose intention it is to open a business here. - A bellowing mass of sheep, a gang of scrabbling, disorderly mobs, divided like sheep, run, howl, cling to a cheap Black Friday action with a free password, because they have a single, pure goal in front of them, brainwashed: to buy and want.

    The risk of free robbery tends to chain them up - but it doesn't let them go. Limited teenage hippies, cherishing luxury dreams, juggling parents' coffers, see the whole rat-chewed capital as party toys; a bold claim, and not an objective one, Life has become. To quibble with Vakhitű Sorss is undignified anyway.

    The twitchable, nodding puppets of this present Sign hang on their eyebrows, for nothing is allowed that is forbidden but everything can be tried if there is enough money! Stuffed wrecks of men may be embraced by the preaching foolishness and unworthy promise that can be broken further: for a vile sack of potatoes my life's principle! And already all the world's indifferent all goes on and on.

    One is trampled upon by one by one by one by bald-brained skinheaded, botoxed, wax-sculpture-faced, debauched star-wives. It is no wonder that, despite free counselling, the number of deliberate suicides among sensationalist miserable people is increasing!

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