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  • No handrail

    ...For now the world around me is mad to the core. Laws, human dignity today can mean nothing to me, and nowadays, where there used to be an asphalted pavement, there is a blind macadam road. More and more people are explaining the consistency of faddish bargaining, but none of them has the courage to go out in front of crowds of people and act. The age of willful indifference to back-turning has arrived.

    Patients are crying in stinking mouse-hole hospitals, as all decent money goes to the private sector. Those who would heal first - on a sure thing basis - would rather make a will at exorbitant prices: they all know that they could be sent to the operating table at any moment for misunderstood medical malpractice. And even if there was liability, the doctor in question acts like Pilate when life-saving responsibility is no longer his.

    Today, the real, most important, necessary matters have been deliberately overlooked, and instead they are being replaced by even bigger, more blatant lies, and the night can no longer nurse an orphaned baby: the total, idiotic fog is covering everyone. It's only a few days, and those who walk in it, in pretty little piles of sediment, don't even notice that it's about them.

    They make new chirping canaries into co-anchors, whose eyes would only be on new promising and fancy careers, on fame, but inside they are still empty-headed creatures. - No one is brave enough to look into himself and say to the world: - I made a mistake! We all made a mistake!

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