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  • Case study

    Your nerves need a peaceful rest. You need peace for your body now, a harmonious balance. You yourself must have known long ago: tomorrow you will be confronted for good with your shipwrecked, once helpless doppelganger, seen as yourself, childishly naive, whiningly whining. Yet unknowingly everyone could feel inside there was a self-consuming restlessness.

    Where something worthwhile might happen. "It is better to lie low, stoically!" - says his sober, deliberate mind. I say: This is wrong! You may no longer find the happiness you have always desired; you might have embarked on expeditionary adventures unknown on ruinous ramparts of last moments, if you could.

    Even so, your mind is unyielding, restless. Do not let prodigality probe its members. Rather, rage like wild, untameable tornadoes and try to build more relationships. - Deliberately avoid the snares of vain self-deceptions and deceptive promises. See your wisecracking, useless thoughts laughed at, pilloried. Your consciousness can be an Alzheimer's moment.

    And can the doomed, sad Sisyphus role do much harm? Thou must stand up and wrinkle thy wrinkles more. Watch me. What thou hast done thus far in the universal, proud language of cultures was as worthy of thee, as was thy exemplary pessimism, as was many a childhood many a year.

    The clown-Time, like an expired commodity, sooner or later throws you out, throws you in the garbage, and in vain you protest, you agitate for something nobler, more worthy - you do not escape. So confess not to thyself: thy life, though vulnerable, is more and more tenacious, and more worthy through the pains that are inwardly forgotten!