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    Like an island where Time has stood still, and your expressive gaze penetrates like a scalpel into my kidney. Thy cheek in the reddish glow of thy cheek Thy mischievous smile plays and hesitates with me! In my vulnerable heart, years of refined thorns have taken aggressive root, And only your gentle, nurturing hand can heal! To thee would I bend my oppressed head: can the yearnings of human evil-doers ever be at last

    daily? How can our two heartbeats, on secret biological pathways, be entwined, tell me? And can the half-hearted, pompous will conceal nothing but that we have both been reduced to cowards at the decisive moment? 

    I knew that our pleasant little flirtation was over sooner than we had previously thought. Sooner had our half-hearted, hesitant confession ended than our sudden, gasping breath before certain drowning! Did you really think so? Is that what you wanted? Please, answer me! No compulsion! Why did the immortality of all hearts seem annoyingly finite? 

    We were as cruel and mean to each other's unselfish and foolishly noble feelings as two ruthless despots who alone think the question "Do you still love me? Or was I just a cheap, disposable object of your use, while I was a palace clown, jumping here and there for you?!

    I know it's annoying and upsetting, but calm down for a minute. You would torment the exploitable moment to certain ignorance - now be quietly watchful: listen to the beats of your Heart, and listen only to them - that is the hardest and most painful! - Let envy and jealousy, as a mysterious trust, never lead, for it is a bad omen! To the returning voices of my compliments, from somewhere far away, you are trembling and answering!


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