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  • Impressionable-processes

    That the complex and organic instinct-processes of the soul have thus come together and become influenceable, which are involuntarily integrated into the network of social processes and not only in a helpless, servile way, allowing them to simultaneously open and crush the petals of the yearning soul-pieces: they are thrown out of their solidly imagined balance by the disorganized system of the Whole.

    The being of the body as a whole prepares itself for a general lamentation when it is no longer able to show its sincere-unselfish face. Unbearable, shameful emptiness - a total silence drowned in harmonies becomes less bearable. All at once, everything has entered a vacuum-free space: an inner, domestic landscape.

    Some familiar ache penetrated the proud, organic cell wall, to then drum a tachycardic alarm to the desperate brain - Billog-burning is necessary to burn unconditional traces, to learn once and for all that "some" only take some into the hidden corners of the tiny nooks of existence; and they forget as soon as the benefits do not flow to them.

    Our necessary tyrannies must be endured, borne, so that the body in its final countdown may suddenly bid farewell and give up its vital struggle. Death, as a busybodies, a gallant conqueror, has raised its dark banner of exchange over life - and there can be no more left, no more insured security for a worthy recapture.

    The rattling heaps of waste are carried, drifted, scattered to the skies by a stray, howling wind - with faltering, imperfectly rhythmical steps, one forward, two backward, the prophet-legs of the old aged march on; the old glaze begins to crackle, and it is time at any rate to face the finished state of passing away early!