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    In homeless, orphaned flocks, ravens chatter on skeleton-like branches: black bones, charred, about to cool! They spared not the chill shadows of seasons while they could, For the stealthy flicker of the fading sun Is now, perhaps, for ever ceased! The only possible connection between two lovers was, That they clung to each other by navel-strings, captive to each other's safety- Social gravity prejudiced all 

    decapitates you, it doesn't want to know you, because it never asks! With clenched fists, clenched teeth they swirl, hoofing, in a gloomy Time-vacuum, - Thoughts shiver with reason, for warming pity! Icy muteness shed to execution, Murderous air through the body's tunnels seeps! - From time sunk, now would be so good a satisfaction to draw Thee forth, 

    that thy blushing fury might unveil on thy face the blood-rose essence! O! - It must be too late, it cannot be! The memory of the past is now easily deceived: in vain! The years go by faster than at the beginning of our birth, when everything and everyone is brand new!

    - No more the one-eyed winking Cyclops-eye greets the sky, And the rainbow, with its deep red wounded arc, Has moved to transience, - Vague, uncertain, organic matter is gathering on the island of the horizon-line! 

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