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    In the placenta-deep, a tummy dweller quietly naps, sending messages. The Madonna-faced fairy is still patient and kindly examining her belly, looking at it! Oh, the first, tiny chubby angel-germ of a new existence, is now sprouting its wings! Now in the heart's bliss it moves in thick stream-flow, Sends forth its pearls of true pearl, Rich and rich in content.

    O little, blessed unknown guest, strange planets of this great world! - While in the cellular caverns of the abdominal cavity, like a glorious lamp-light, thou seekest and searchest for a possible way out, thy future mother's swan-hands she opens diligently and gently: now the celebrating soul begins a silent lullaby, offering prayers to Nature's gracious God! 

    Joconda-eyed, blessed chalice of love, that hath lifted Being to the altar, With a shower of kisses, with prostrate humility, Thou hast received the hearts that love thee! A common Damocles fate hovers over us, that from the womb-house of fertile mothers we were born to being-the angelic babe now 

     yet cries, still more and more, and wails. Howling, he howls as he perceives the warmth and love of harmonies, curious to all. Love - and its appetite is still growing, like an instinctive food chain in the earned hierarchy, and greedily sip, cumizza, the nourishing milk elixir, which are bubbling up as sources of life: like open, gaping wounds, from the craters of the nipples of the bosom: the angel of selfless mercy comforts, babies and feeds 

    Thus one-eyed child, and perhaps in the ineffable, magic moment, the revolving existence! Gordiuszi's knots also seem simpler, all tactilely homely, realistic!

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