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    In the untold moment, when the pearl of truth was shattered in your dark eyes, I saw shooting stars shining in a haloed wreath. And at once we did not touch ourselves, but our hearts became each other's watchful, caring keeper! In the lake of my soul I let thy unforgettable face bathe, And we were one sentimental, human bond: Thou and I, and it was good to forget and leave behind us the troubles and sorrows!

    - And now that the delicate veins of your nerves no longer tingle with your raging blood for me, where shall I put you now instead of your sunny smile of the winter greeting me with its vulgar power. my heart was broken in a shape that was changing, so that you could put it back together again, and why was it necessary, was it necessary to break my wounded self again, so that I would know: I was only a plaything in your vile flirting campaign? 

    Oh, say! If thou canst tell me, and confess, what shall become of him who, having given up his existence, has confessed and told me of love, happiness, and joy? - From my heart's stout, my heart's hole, I fear that the one Phoenix-bird of immortal flame shall never rise again, - one steps almost in fear, 

    His rooted feet tremble when he begins a renewed communion; The wounded thorns of the former immortal dear Still wound his heart, and on porcelain fragile dreams One dances the dance of frivolity! - I cannot forget the starry crossfire of thy gaze, Thou may'st draw nearer if thou wander from me: and now, too

    You chase away my dreams, the resigned, bitter consciousness is caught in my throat, your self-pity is doomed to doom: can I go on living without you? I cannot then listen to the insolent frivolity of suicides!

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