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    There was only one glimmer. Like a chorus of sky-bombs, flying, whistling grenades, the wild hyena roar of the sky when they hit. The unshakeability of adolescence - in vain - I still carry! Perhaps the greatest of all my baneful shots is the indissoluble compliment I have sworn to Someone! 

    - On my shoulders now are multiplying, thickening, unmanageable, and recurring tasks! Soon my midnight and puberty's sorrow will mark another change of era, On proud overtones my midnight and puberty's sorrow, That ladies' hearts did not want my romantic trophies, My sultry dream-visions will quickly sprout within me! I have not whistled of problems so far, 

    I have wandered among people in whispering incognito. The day's end came with the fearful goblins of night, And as a lesser trouble, as a surplus, I was once set aside - I'll be forgiving. Time, even now, rushes on like a maddened express:

    I should slowly find a companion in this crowded whirl. Surely I should laugh at the fools, so drunk in the deserted and deserted vaults of street and doorway, and wallow all day long: true, this is the last day of a forgivable year, and perhaps the last, unhappy countdown! Moonlight-eyed frozen bruisers spit barbed wires at us when the frozen, indifferent, snowy rain falls! - In the next decade I'll be standing here in my thirties soon, and I still won't know: Was my imagination playing a trick when our eternal eyes met, or merely teaching me a lesson as a nebulo? 

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