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    Waking from bed, trapped, humiliated, to wake up to the Real: the Universe that can be kept is now suddenly shattered to pieces, as once we were bewitched: the flirtatious winking eyes of eye-balls, a lock of hair left orphaned, or a confession of love now gone for good! - There is no melancholy day that I do not ponder: I have protected a vulnerable lily-stalk, selfless, and at last a discarded, recyclable 

    of recyclable rags, myself included! The stubborn and obstinate opponents of my law and my right are always warning me that there must and can be a better and more beautiful existence within the bounds of tolerance! - Today all dream-vision is shattered: nervous vapours, diamond-shadows of refraction, still fight and quarrel, 

    On my shaggy face: the hamster-tongue of the chubby still remains! - Happy now can only he be Who, with confident and covetous cupidity, The fragile-footed happiness found, That sought not, but only listened to his Heart! It would have been better, then and there, in the tangible and immortal moment, to confess, to say that the two of them

    We only made each other laugh. That it was worth while to cherish each other's handkerchiefs and cherish forever the palaces of the wounded-men! - But so it is well, and now in the finished event there can be no alteration and shaping: cowardly and stupid 

    my half-assedness is added to the irony of self-pity, though I shall be plucked out by cherishing swan-hands, and with lion's loyalty encouraged to rise with kindness from the muddy earth! The shining planet-continent and the true-pearl-star stood before me in pairs, and I dared but on paper to prove the wonders of my burning emotions!

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