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    Foolish and outcast, I still dared to hope: in the lofty consciousness of a happiness planned! Only now did I realize that Hope itself, with its melted beads of blood, had begun to wane! I whispered in idiotic love. I want to live with you, and together, because you are very important to me! 

    In the immortal chain of existence, the linking, fertile pearl was thyself, and thy character! The deceitful, ruthless will of our fate has robbed me of every vestige of my will. What unknowable, unknown fear, and conscious dread, clutches my heart's purple 

    That now only the dying spots of the blackmailers shine? An emotion that is thought to be annihilated, but which can be escalated to vanity, cannot be destroyed, because the eternal flame of love is constantly nourished, fanned and trained so that the consciousness awakened in the biological instincts does not grow lazy: passion threatens us with an atomic bomb attack,

    if it is unable to dissipate its inner energies! The message of kisses: the sense of transcendence, that everything is selflessly because of us! In the still indecisive and timid, perhaps unable to take the initiative, we can easily discover the conscious discipline

    the vulnerable individual who defends the bastions of morality, the rich repositories of his character! - Sometimes, like a festering ulcer, the contagion of disease rises. The pessimistic infection of self-pity, which involuntarily not only repels, but increasingly binds together the unbreakable and pure-hearted laws of the relationship of pairing for each other, which is swaying on a tightrope!

    And in the crossfire of these disarming moments, all superfluous, fragmentary words are invalidated: two human stars stand face to face, deep and yet understanding, facing each other in the centre of humanistic understanding!

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