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    By now the tea was a faint shadow of warm pleasantness, and the filter was like a swamp algae-animal swimming in it. The young man who could survive the cold in shivering annihilation was growing weaker, and secretly realised that perhaps every shelter could be a trap? - For with him went despair and restlessness, and there is no final escape, no way out. 

    Now Existence is stagnant. Molar teeth and wisdom teeth are like glass bells, and the selfishness of common self-pity is mine alone, - it preserves everything inside. For unconsciously in all breathes and eats the thirsty and insatiable instinct for acceptance: I let troubles into the house like a pipe: but to take care of troubles - who can? Who? Indeed, the saying could be true: He who dares wins? 

    And every human thinker - if there are still any under the clouds of executioners, and in great confusion such - is burnt out, killed by the grinding workman-o'-thee, the years that have been like cockroaches! - No man here is worthy of cheap pity. Nor is unselfish forgiveness now handed out as a bagful on the Icy Street; the precarious breadwinner, like a cheap crust of bread, still simmers in the sewers' effluent till he reaches the reservoirs. The uncertain uncertain is the one that gets closer every day. It threatens and threatens! 

    Circumstances are now more and more harsh, They embrace the infinite with the ancient uncertainty: In a changing world Man also adapts to malleable interests, And adapts mostly, alas! In the trampling of morals, man becomes a beast, if he does not cling to his humanity tooth and nail!