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    The black birds have made their lazy haunts in the branches, Their teeth must be shivering considerably, And their squawking must be the trumpet of fear! Now many more are seeking the sky; Silent Nothing is empty, and its silent indifference covers all. One thinks now only of the shining light, Perhaps it is playing hide-and-seek somewhere!

    We would cling to the crumbs of light as a universal responsibility. All the heartaches of the great world rest on the cold arms of sooty skeleton-trees, and atone: Existence may mend itself, and rise above! The murderous choking cough cuts my throat like a knife-blade, The only cause of my misfortune! - I have sought thee many times, but at the other end of the line there was a dead silence, a moving, tearful plea. - Slowly I was swallowed up and sucked in by self-pity, that I am ultra-bleak even in the field of honest confessions 

    without you! - From beyond, he flashed his throat-cutting voice, and my half-conscious self I could not know: What was thy heavenly look at last, A deception and a deception at once, Or a cheap trick of thy revenge, a cheap trick of thy discreditable revenge? - The fog now forces the survivors inside to be even more intensely blind: I try to find meaning for the future with the reasoning philosophies of Cassandras and Theiresians: So that I may still have reason to look ahead, to believe, to trust, and end each day with the promise of a blossoming happiness!

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