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    The ever grayer, useless suns, as an integral part of eternity, are fading. I'd make friends with my fears and nightmares to find my problems! If you've been an anxious fugitive all your life, it's well past time to fill your cellular eye-particles with content. - In a starless, starless landscape, the Evening comes to us with a thick, black soot! 

    In my darling's memory-blots, like jigsaw-pieces, still they appear! - Late comes and late goes the realization that the heart has signalled more fiercely and more excitedly its sure compass-recognition. Anger in the eyes, and anger in the eyes, The other discovers, if he watches him, That we would have suited each other, had we known the Known Judgment first: Were not the fires of our hearts kindled for each other? 

    Now we may boldly lament, curse the profligacy of our days -  We can lick our wounds of soul-war; Feeling and knowing we are very vulnerable! - And the hidden secrets of the heartbeats of the Final, the Last Law are revealed: he would have bowed his head in his lap, if he had had the means and the courage. And we do not hear each other's cold words, which we once uttered to each other.

    We are both torn and devoured by a missed opportunity, like a fierce inquisition of thick flames of fire, that we could not have the courage, the courage of our uplifted bearing, to swear with an oath of kisses: we are each other's eternal companions, and soul-mates, by our free and self-sacrificing will! 

    We grow farther and farther apart, like two trembling, sinking islands of Atlantis, clinging more and more spasmodically to the ocean's pitted and translucent surface. We would both be drowning now, but only you can hold the lifeline of Hope! A yawning chasm awaits me on the other side!

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