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    It's become a wisdom of life to be treated as a petty, cheap crime for a living, in which, as if suffering from persecution phobia, one is hunted down and never asked why he did it, and never left alone for a minute-people! The world is a debauched and divided world of accusers in slanders: the uplifting and self-helpful humanity of morality is of no account here: all connection between common sense and common sense is gone! 

    Doing nothing is the most useful deed; many lie on benches till ten in the morning, wallowing in deep sleep, and that is only useful and good for them: till the next day-then, as the cogs of eternity, the troubles not only do not cease, but go on! And all contradictory, petty reasoning has the ugly and monotonous consequence: "Your idea has failed badly!" If you appeal to the One, and dare to declare the Truth plain and simple, 

    "Shut up!" - is as clear as possible. The universal, coherent thought of your mind is better concealed by all your means, but the Face you see when you look in the mirror is seeking answers for you, and often, as 

    you may look, and if you have thought, in an octogenarian way, "All is hopeless! All is lost!" - look out of the window for a moment, and in the icy cold night, nature will send her ice flowers to you! - It may be a vain, delusive thought to persuade, and yet if you turn away from your spoken words, already judged in yourself, you deceive yourself!


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