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    Shreds of tired possibilities, moving stiffly into sameness; a nicotine-yellow wreck of a face still flinches in the crystal of the standing mirror, but hardly responds! All memories are shattered, and disintegrate in the brain's turbines, its thinking wavelengths! Ghostly shadows, monstrous spawns, are cast around by the frightful mist! 

    If one would come at last, in whose eyes the sheltering shooting stars would shine, and in whose eyes the care of mothers would take their cherished value, and the unknown uncertainty of existence would be the renewed confidence of Hope! From the black pools of the night's sleepless pools The eggs of nightmares hatch, and shriek in terror their dreaded apocalypse! 

    And perhaps at the dawn of the next day it will rise again, and make us forget our heart-stretching terror: in the common contrast of light and shadow, the unity of opposites is still stretched, and we are helpless against the horror that is forced upon us like shackles, and always knocks at our door when we sleep, 

    and in vain all protesting rebellion, no longer can be heard - in vain we struggle daily with our common demons! Encouraging, motherly arms embracing us in protection, Without swan-hands an impossible task to conquer, - An impossible mission on the imbroglio, too, a blind darkness! - The sun's ornament is cut down; Blood tears the chains of the earth's hanging aggatyan mountains. 

    - Let us bear it still, and a little with slander and accusation, That we dared not feign courage, and were born cowards: each trial carves new hieroglyphics on thy face!


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