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    Yet sometimes on your diamond bridesmaids of stars you appear, And in the lily-white court of your swan-face the embers of ashes come to life! A scarce visible thorn-barrier pricks eternally The tender petals of their haughty hearts! From our eyes, slowly, annihilated, Bleeds all the tears we ever shed For each other's consolation. And a secret signal calls from our lips!

    I would long ago have followed thee, but thy oath of loyalty has built an impenetrable barrier, and imprisoned thy independent love towards me! I have tried to contain my pessimism, and now it would be so good and sublime if you were here beside me, and your charming valour of optimism would comfort and fill my soul with self-confidence: 

    For thou art the reason I cannot be Free! Thy disarming smile encircles me, and leads me astray, - I am perhaps myself a miserable, lame prisoner of emotional dead ends. I'm surrounded by a swamp of doubts, I can only avoid my own love-self with you. You know it yourself: 

    My despondency makes no one happy, I could not spread my oaken arms, I could not be your protector, this proud task was long ago snatched from me by another; my heart trembles and bleeds for you in vain, I cannot free it, nor comfort it! Thy blessed lark's voice is farewell to me! He who is not led by the sure path through the path of life, halfway he too shall falter recklessly! My loyalty for thee still throbs and burns. The harnesses of my pains are all spasmodically clinging to me!


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