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    You should sleep! In soft, embracing laps, To escape back to budding caresses, And leave me free and rich, To be comforted by my dear mother's caring hand - In times of fate-turning delights, to beckon! For any one may say anything! Can chant and chatter symbolic and preachy words in the heart's deepest heart 

    Yet there is a treasure that proud, prodigal wills cannot forget! In dreams the ship glides honeyed, If I am lovingly embraced by my chosen! If I let my eyes sleep, I think of happy fulfillments forgotten: In sincere throbs we have charmed to each other The immortality that binds our hearts! 

    The good words are gone, and the caresses that filled the Universe: in clasped hands the sweat of grace has been shed and tightened! And if my babbled sweetheart were here, I would comfort the omnipresent traces of her feet with kisses; a chattering, stumbling, miserable fool, an experimenting all-rounder! - We are both guilty and responsible! 
     I have not indeed revealed my hidden self-incognito, and my love with Cassandra's eyes hath long sworn by another's side, while her heart hath not been asked: How stands she in the tempest of her feelings? And his feelings were quickly forgotten! - We knew the word that binds, the wicked deed, and the ancient chain of consequences, yet we cared not for it: we were prisoners of mutual prettiness, of complimentary flirtation-but there will come a time in time when the burden of our transgression and our goodness will be weighed in the balance, 

    and we shall be weighed and judged! A perfect, captivating attraction, a sense of Order we may have attained, and yet it took a grate of offering occasions to make us fail!

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