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    Thou caressest me no more with thy gentle hand: for on all eternal and holy occasions I have waited for thee to cheer me! Now all the sacred places where you once left the exotic lines of your delicate feet are empty and empty. Thou wast a clever and naughty little princess, while thy virtue by thy side was vainly banished! Behind the everlasting mask of thy smile, a love uncharted and proud has been made!
    Thy wiles were like pearls of glass on my beating heart, And we did not know what sparkled and flowed between us, Youthful folly, or mere immortal transfiguration? The unutterable, superstitious moment was beautiful, wonderfully beautiful! 

    And again come the gloomy months and years. His dark Joconda eye He saves for another as the blackmailer of his fornicator, And no longer the name "maiden" fits him! With a motherly smile, her priceless being is illumined by woman's maturity! Never more shall she ask me to bear her children. - Immortal emotion has walked among us in disguise, and we alone can be cowardly enough not to listen to her. 

    to the magnetic voice that draws us. And tyrannical love has mutually failed us, broken us, and deceived us! If you still have a drop of humanity in you, I advise you to think, and always listen to the whispering will of your heart! With secrets and ideas - fear not - the Infinite will call!
     I wish we had seen sooner the truth, and our common secret! Alas, there's nothing for the Heart to rejoice in, if thou canst no longer be here, on whom shall I waste my grief?!

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