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    The proud and frivolous signs of neglect are everywhere, drawing every street corner to themselves, welcoming them in! The shadows of the hidden places in the alleyways of the streets are growing! They grow in the false consciousness that they can scare people with impunity, and at the same time get on other people's nerves to the point of pimples! 

    But even now the old houses stand tall and on their proper hill: shutters down, indifferent caretakers proclaiming the raging peace that still remains! - In vain the street is an eternal, immortal noise-quiet, Still preserves something of your indelible past: How far have you come? How did you reach the curvature of your stretching path?

    For it is in vain that the unrelenting darkness, like a distrustful prisoner, spins a lasting cobweb around you - you cannot forget your broken tears, nor your muddy sufferings. The proud and frivolous signs of abandonment are everywhere, enveloping every street corner. 

    The people here are but scavenging wrecks, wounded ghosts! This city is becoming more and more unknowable, more and more dangerous! Suspicious eyes, like sticky leeches, are on you like bar murderers, and you know you'd run in vain: Evil and jealousy are secretly plotting and conspiring to plunder you in your universality!

    A deserted street, that has seen better days - not a gleam of light. Into the vision of thine eye the stomach-churning silence of thy doom! Thou wouldst rush, flee, to thy angelic salvation in two eyes unfolding; But He must be far away, while thou wrestle'st with the demons of thy own fears! And after dark, starless hopelessness shackles and binds you...

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