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    Knock-knock, cat-kat; thundering bullets hit the windows. Perhaps this is how the ominous sky sends us hidden messages from the stars: A shower of a million tears, meteor and comet, Bombard the winds with impudence and sadness! Man is often better, to cowardice he flees - He retires to a bed of cherishing, hesitantly endures, that the gloomy veil of night is torn by the sharpened teeth of lightning: whip cracking thunder!

    I can but listen to the murderous, bargained silence of vulgar Nature, I peer through the craters of treacherous eyes, and with a sly blink I peep; fears, terrors, and horror-mists draw me ever onward, and choke me, and never let me go - on the levels of nightmares. 

    To the bickering bickerings of cosmos I shall yield at last! Raw is the diamond-hard reality my loneliness only impregnates; I would fain be comforted in the caring harmony of motherly laps but one last time! The vanity of incomprehension sits proud on the ruins of my reason! 

    Even in restless confusion madness oozes, Now would I but be in the mood To shut myself within lightning-barred walls of home, Where heavenly threat is but little, for no other harm can the raging fury do, - I would have looked up, had there been watching stars! And so many a fierce-souled heavenly terror and calamity among the consolations, 

    Thy self-sacrificing smile would have had mercy on me! In vain! Even now the meteoric wailing of heaven's unspeakable woe is tormenting me!