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    What a fertile calm. Perhaps it is the time of immortal fulfilment, that is why he is so content. Harmonious to move here now. unnecessary activity cherished as a caring parent by Time! - We are still here; in the consummate immortality of the All, imprisoned, in each other's hearts, in each other's consciences. 

    Walled up in the turbulent tunnels of our shafts of humanity. Then come the grey-weathered days of the week, - voices envious and jealous of our happiness. To live only for each other, to hope, To be absorbed in the heaven of Existence - The most important moral deed: To live a while longer, while love is earned and cherished! 

    How many hopeless, fleeting moments to ponder The eternity of fallibility: more and more certain The unconditional oath of fidelity to a given sentiment can give! The beating messages of hearts in unison live side by side like ripe apples in the secret gardens of Hesperides! 

    And when suddenly the given loving, omnipotent emotion suddenly grows cold, torn to shreds like an empty, meaningless ribbon of fecni, perhaps we, too, within and without, become mere lunatics! We all set out on the long journey of emotion: into the arms of deceivable, empty promises, without return: where perhaps the answers of promised kisses may be bribed! 

    - I should leave behind me the broken insecurity of existence, the dead-end confidence. Great blessing, and rare fortune, if the sincere Faith, that shakes the blood-balls of molecules in the tunnels of cells, be confessed with True faith, with head held high, yet with humane humility! 

    Drumming, bubbling, boiling like a cauldron, mingling, and melting into one, the Soul and the Heart wish to melt, if we look into each other's planetary eyes!

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