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    Only the look from heaven, with the lark's merry music, sends a message to the heart. Only two fragile hands, touching with care, Comforting me when need calls! Only an immortal smile that promises the All, and then offers thee its fruits of Eden! It promised a semblance of uncertainty when it was All! 

    It was: a shining rainbow, to drive from the horns of my head the gloomy clouds, and expand around us the wide prison-limits of trust! What seemed happiness: it was an empty eye-loss, And sorrow, too, may have grown Bottomless ditches! 

    There was but one sure point: mutual self-deception, a lying consciousness. "Tell me, my love, do you still love me?" - "More than anything in the world!" - "I'm still a little poisoned by those false words. 

    And yet I did my best, so that I might be rewarded for ever in the gleam of her eyes! - Instead of the fragrant wreaths of flowers in my hands, I held pieces of chocolate for her - I still remember - and I gave her a piece of chocolate, And it is not easy to forget! You see! Blessedly, too, the mischievous angel hid for a while between your secret lips, and from feigned cowardice could not move for a while!

     Nor did I speak of it, and therefore never, but the glass in my heart was broken for ever by an irreversible act, when your new-born knight, your heart's love, stood by your side, and you never mentioned in one innocent word that the tune of our beating heartbeats was transcribed by Fate!


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