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      My father and mother abandon me, because the law of biology is cruel and inexorable! What will happen to me then? - I never cared what the wise and the great thought. - I am afraid. On the remaining stumps of my days, the faintest will of my hope wavers! - Thou art already doomed, thou hast squandered thy remaining chance! 

    And if I say that every day I take small steps on the road to self-realization? Even then, without a hole in your pocket, you'll be a cheap John, soon to be shovelled out. - A racing heart, if it's a nuisance, may I take it out and bury it? 

    I can't let you do that, I can't let you! So the burden of existence continues to pester me, to threaten me? - It merely allows choices, but does not limit. Can there be a more meaningful relationship between sentient souls? - Behind hidden blushing faces, the clattering of the clattering 

    The heart's bosom that may easily burst in sorrow! How can a tiny speck of dust in the disordered state of existence manage by itself? If it casts an unbreakable shell, an unbreakable shell, it must steel itself!