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    The wounded eternity is on its way: it steps over the broken heart, it shares its pain alone! Its skin is thorny and its steps are heavy! Like a fear-bearing Sisyphus-child He drags himself on and on! He who has endured the existence of moments, the cancer of humiliations, is now helpless and hysterical! Guarded with innocence, now he thirsts for honesty - but he himself knows not where he has left himself!

    Turned against him by frothy-mouthed, green-eyed whoremongers, flattering contemporaries, greedy envious ones - Only his loneliness, his one handcuffed solitude, will hold him for ever: The last refuge that gives fertility and madness! He needs a cleansing solitude-consciousness, a secret incognito Existence! - Thus with wounded eternity he paces, ponderous and half-coward at every step! 

    Words cannot heal him, but unselfish help! Some partiality in hearts is stirred, And in all-knowing starry eyes the treasures of Humility tremble! To enter the boundless unknown, and to ponder - surely it is harder! 

    The wounded consciousness can only swirl and rage in hearts - never rest - at most swaying in the shelter of mothers' cuddles! The boundless emptiness silently and painfully settles on all! The humiliating loneliness also expands. It grows its unstoppably sprawling nests; it devours its victims with slow cruelty!


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