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    Gloomy darkness. Starless all-ness-magan. Fated ones feel such a sickening persecution When suddenly they are condemned: From scapegoats to mere victims, expendable dust! Some Methuselah's burden the proud sea bears With its pregnant waves of siege. Perhaps Pandora's long-lost secret box! Perhaps the budding, personal romances of miscarried kisses? -Outside, the wind conveys the clamorous tossings and tumult of voices! 

    The bone-crushing waters are frozen like frozen loves. Behind the rushing clouds, the birds of machines are twittering, chirping among themselves: at least they are happy! Wrapped in tourists' favourite cage-sites: through dawn's wounds my sleepless minutes are restless. If the air turbulence and shakes beneath me! Do you see me, you only one, you priceless one, pass over your head? 

    Do the proud eyes of the envious, the haughty of the proud see me? A stormy lover looks me in the face daily, And, if I am in him, flirts with me flirtatiously! In the desolate sand-dune landscape, the unparted darkness broods and sleeps. Blurred shadows, ghostly shapes I gaze beyond the bus-window with surprising anxiety - My travelling existence long forgotten by my dear heart's throb! Upward with the sea goes, proudly the lace of skies The colossus of Rodosian castle besieges: perhaps cherished footprints of cold relations? Perhaps the confessions of Fidelity? The majestic dance of sea foam gives goose bumps to exhilarating cellular romance!

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