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    I close my two eyes, you close your two stargazing eyes. I would stretch out my unknown and hesitant two hands, seeking you, the loyalty of your immortal embrace, - I know: one day I may find you and you will recognize me again after so many tortured years, my dear one! What now is unknown and uncertain - you'll soon see it will be clear and tangible, chocolate like your almond-eyes, if you take my trembling hand.

    We are the only two in the confusion, and the aching cosmos-magazine that harasses our ever-budding dreams In storms of emotion that pervade the universe, in hurricane-force romance, we alone are still awake and vigilant! The sure token of my sincerity I owe to you alone! I have kept the indecipherable in my oaken bark, while you were with me, and you with me! 

    The tinkling Spring hid in the exotic folds of thy skirt, And thou didst send me thy budding smile, That soared like the independent wind! On my brazen smile you bathed, cheeky and serene! - And hair! thy inscrutable person attracted and repelled me at once to thee: I entered every bone-form of thy face, the artistic sculpture-sketch of thy face! One kiss was enough, and I knew and guessed all about thee with a hundred per cent! Memory has often crept into the secret memories of my present, and I did not know with gentle, bewitching words whether to chase it away. 

    Love: For me, you intoxicating dream of desire, You'll always be an exotic journey - When I could roam free the bombastic fine-veined threads of your body, A passion-flaming, passion-flaming, handcuffed wilderness! - Wherever I try to turn, You are everywhere, and whether it will be so now depends only on our remembering consciousness!


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