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    Black is the sky above the valley, like a lonely Methuselah, who is left alone and has no one! To the left of it, a motorway, a tiny town dormant in the valleys. Among the scaly foliage of the trees, the sunlight walks a mischievous and mischievous game of hide-and-seek, listening in secret and silence to the metamorphoses of animal tongues! - My flesh the stabbing atomic rays: the threatening eye of the sun has long since scarred, Is there any mercy left in any man to wound his blistered crater-eyes

    To comfort and anoint the skin with a secret remedy? - On the walls of my room, suffocating volcanic airs, waiting to kill, distillates wait obediently to be taken in, to be swallowed up with a great bite! - I have always loved the varied Autumn and the not too warm Spring! 

    Well, the fullness of human nature is only to be measured in the change of seasons! And now that my seductive and luscious lover appears before me daily in an Eve-suit: as an integral part of the universe, I feel that I must step over life's many tangled mistakes with two unhinged legs! Spreading ripe peaches are surrounded by a dense swarm of bees and wasps. Poisonous Nessus-bugs have laid siege to me these days! A greedy and insatiable mosquito inquisition crucifies our Edenic dreams! I have heard the human fire-breathing drum between two tiny hills...

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