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    It's gone - it hasn't even begun - this day without you, my darling! In vain have I tramped through the alley of harassment, with common sense in fetters, that I might have come to thee with a sighing sigh, from thy guilty eyes, to seek salvation, a smile of liberated radiance, among the crosses of inquisitor's eyes, I could not find thy caring gaze! 

    - Yet each eternal day as you recede farther and farther with the loneliness of stars in your chestnut gazes from me you draw and repel me with your gaze, like the centres of powerful electromagnetic planets. The summer blast that threatens the straw bales is sounding again: flowers on the hervatagon are fluttering, sinning and sweating in fallow fields 

    Like weeping Vesta-virgins, with their virginity they pay Their smouldering, melancholy lover! When thou didst come before me no longer cared for the outside world, Alpha and Omega thou didst become in a state of immortal fulfilment the priceless fragile jewel-costume of the universe thou wast, and I destroyed for thee with a beautiful apocalyptic explosion 

    and perished whole: thou didst teach that with bell-ringing laughter among us we should still be in spite of our remaining miserable, murderous will. Many have wounded me unintentionally, but I have received from thee a lasting, stigmatizing, immortal wound, which binds me to thee for ever! 
    Since then, I have borne my wounded self-pity in suffering and endurance. Thy harsh, condemning words, that once, perhaps, in motherly bosom, proclaiming peace, I may somehow moderate and stop the raging pounding of my heart!


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