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    Iron handcuffs in my hands, anxious daffodils: swan-fingers tingling towards immortal fulfilment. All compassion and humility in my eyes a prisoner: stars' shining clinging to the sure infinite, Will we be witnesses of happy moments of love, shall we say? 

    Confess with your crystal-clear smile, my angel, my angel, my angel? - There has happened the mighty tingling miracle The magical occasion, that thou hast allowed me to discover In the atrium of thy beating heart-flutes The sure essence: thy honest truths' judgment, and thy pure self. I would have come home in thee, and thy dreams 

    In the sweet home of your dreams we could have built A whole life! The mystery of thy body I knew not yet, But in crossings of unconscious secret paths, With telepathy's invocations thou didst unfold, And show the earthly biological metamorphosis of thy all! I have watched the hot and insatiable longing of your eyes: the artful curve of your delicate mouth - yes, when the Eternal Moment would have greeted you with a glimpse of heaven, that 

    that we might be each other's! Nor were you the bombastic One and Only, and yet indelible wound You burned in my heart's heathen craters all! Before you could know me - with my tears' thick pearls of meaning I had told you in a million vulnerable forms: doubt and despair can destroy and consume me, for I never had true self-reliance! 

    I had no idea that soul-ripeness could begin with a single kiss, I longed for a home of caring laps, and sought only to rediscover my caring mother among changing figures!

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