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    On a stumbling ant-tangle, in a rampant, unbridled mass of people, came the unknown faces of the Present times, who, pondering terrible secrets, are trembling, guarding their wounded sufferings, carrying their all-experienced brokenness! 
    Adonises in suits, with their character, and running Amazons, with their briefcases under their arms. 

    Carried themselves with urgency. Ladies, complimenting beauties, paid no heed to willow-boys, just flirted on, needed themselves. The answers of timed atomic moments were scratched on everyone's face: Straining Time-markers, seeping like secret hieroglyphic engravings into the poles of their skin. - All my sincere words became stuttering, for I was confronted with the capital

    He - tell me boldly, you useless knowers of my soul, what should I have done: should I have run away, or would I have confessed if he had looked at me through the reflecting eyes of stars? - I cannot know myself. It is long gone: in sweet dreams of bewitching, the expected recognition, the shock:

    What more do you want, for she has left you? - For a long time I looked at others with an empty apocalyptic gaze, as one who has been stripped of himself, destroyed and finally collapsed! He's long gone, to come back only in memories! I alone must cope with the impossible to survive the ignominious fate of my past! - I should develop my sand-eyed will fittingly! The ship of love could not sail with me to seek new shores. I am but a piece of unknown debris, bearing my sins!


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