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    Only now - on the precipice of my loneliness, stranded and orphaned, I thought that I would capture the fugitive from all that was in my heart, and if my beloved's face bloomed with the strange smile of the universe, I might free my fear in myself! Man's heart-throbbing complaint, thus bursting, left no rest- The bridesmaids of flawless sighs were answered with kisses by starry eye-grids!

    Thoughtfully I cast down the imagined desire, From the home of selfish conscience, As if to lift immortal consolation, selfless forgiveness- Only in my last moments did I realize That my inner metamorphosis-self-pity, my recurring pessimism, had begun! - Where even common sense had allied itself with the emigrant consciousness of loneliness in a ruthless 

    breaks its way with bone-deadening viscera, and browbeats all, a future without certain answers! I have learned, through a torrent Of gallant, mocking, and foolish jest, In my purple heart, with a common will, With a love-oath, new cherished domains may be built- But I soon opened my hole-pierced, breathless oak-mark, And fortune's earth-maiden, The treachery of conscious Fidelity, in another's arms, Folded her puffing head to sleep! 

    With judgments crowded in her laws of silence: Only to be listened to, if we note Her tiny warnings, her knife-edge pauses! - And may never know, with his swan-hands, My sincere last heartbeat!

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