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    I listened to the whispers of voices in fertile silence - I waited: slowly, deliberately, patiently! Compassion must have possessed me for moments - To my compliments' euphemisms all-all answered with a smile! It clung like a turbulent dove, The walking hibernated existence on earth, And the dream, the throbbing pulsation of Immortality, With the webs of idyllic dreams! - In schoolrooms secret romance playing mischievous tongues immovable earthly 

    Angel-with repentant doe-eyes has called forth his constant superstitions! Heartbeat rooted in the earth! Stunned cardiac arrest, biology's conscious catharsis-state, became a fragment of meaningfully lived moments! In the tingling tremor of swan-tails I hid my paper-consuming, madcap secrets! 

    No other could have heard and seen but a star-browed fairy! - Her waving long legs bent in a cross, her daring flirtation of eroticism followed! - Had her consoling motherly lap opened to embrace my conscious orphanhood, She would have offered me Salvation itself with never-felt unknown emotion! 

    Alas! - But it was all so long ago! It has become the eternal witness of my irreversible past! His promise to be kept - to wait for him - I seem even now to bear alone! In atomic annihilation, blindly I walked, I wandered in love's desolate desert of sand! I never dared to look back, yet I remember...


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