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    Between the cross-section of our fingers the Universe tingles, trembles! I see broken fragments through the secret mirrors of your eyes: I am alone in the safety of your home, and yet I am with you! What remains of our memories together: the erotic romance of your mouth-glow, your flirtatious smile, the proclaimed fashionableness of your amber-contour - we have been swimming in an unfulfilled sea of dreams for a long time - you yourself must have felt it - it is better to get rid of depressed reality as soon as possible! 

    If I had known that thy vulnerability in me would have raised island-worlds, and I would have at once made the net-worlds of thy secret dreams and desires! Alas! But many impossible, strange, and foolish doubts have haunted me long, And I could not but by my soul-keeping words give thee the half-secret Truths of my soul as a gift! 

    Long have I lived basking in the incarnation of thy omnipotence, And even now I cannot really know - what was the right decision? To part from the sure paths of the roads, while the bell of my soul threatens apocalypse in my heart? Or to trust to thee thy decision, and simply say, Wisely answer, for without thee the age of Nothing is at hand, approaching! 

    Magical power, the superstitious light of chestnuts, has projected before me the clear proof of our interdependence: in vain have I resisted the longing drips of my person, my conscience has embraced thy kindness, thy angelic goodness! Thus in the happiest moments of my troubled past you breathe and exist on and on! 

    - You cannot be forgotten! The more compassionate, the more unselfishly forgiving, the brighter shines and soars your diamond-coloured star on the maps of the heavens! - I feel with you now, and think of you in the permeable tunnels of telepathy...

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