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    Stormy hurricane-force winds are coming. Whipping rain threatens. Between heaven's vault and creating earth, raging voices are raging! Bullets of glass, tear-drops bouncing from the sad eyes of windows. On the ridges of muscular spines the dagger makes paths, On the backs of rocks the lightning claws, Scratches with its needle-tooths: heavenly obscurity. With eager embracing arms ever clinging, The lurking ivy seeks safety and shelter: Young and unconscious lovers can only thus long For the embracing 

    To the island of peace and safety, Harmony! In gluttony insatiable in greed, Armies of slugs threaten the potato fields in alarm. The ladybirds in their red-spotted skirts would dance in vain now. The countryside is trembling and writhing in uncertainty! Pear-apples and peaches are still growing, ever more vibrant and juicy. 

    The Omnipotence is everywhere present and watching! Time is doomed to die, and system as law is finally preserved! - I have tried to discover Truth in the constellations of chocolate-eyes; Only later did I find it, I came too late for the end! I hear: in a verdant garden, the lifeless existence gnaws, pulls, pulls, pulls its worn-out limbs, the chubby worms fecundly digest the juicy stumps of the golden apples of the Hesperides: and the insatiable strife has already broken out! Thy clinging stings pinch thy flushing cheeks, thy nerve-cells: Thou dost stretch thy preying sweet-tooth to Edenic nectars! - In existence, man sniffs out secrets, puzzles out mysteries!

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